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Production, trade and other commercial activities in the free zone can be performed by persons, registered as commercial legal entities under the Commercial Act of the Republic of Bulgaria or in compliance with their national legislation abroad, as well as any associations of such entities.

In case the client is a foreign legal entity, upon signing of contract a current document proving its registration and current company status must be presented as well as a notary certified power of attorney, when the general manager/ director of the client is not present in person. The documents must be certified with Apostil under the Hague Convention of 1961. Above documents must be translated into Bulgarian by a licensed translator.

 When the client is registered in Bulgaria, with the signing of the contract a certificate of current status from the Commercial register must be presented as well as a notarized power of attorney, if the general manager/ director of the client is not present in person.

The signed contract with the accompanying documents will be presented to Burgas Customs. The Customs authorities will issue an Approval of client’s customs accountancy, and from this moment on the contract will enter into legal force and the Client will be able to start its activity as an operator in Burgas Free Zone.

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