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Environment policy

Environment policy

Review of the environmental facts:

  • About 45-50% of the total emissions of nitrogen oxides emitted annually into the atmosphere come from transportation.
  • About 70-90% of the total amount of released air emissions come from transportation.
  • About 66% of carbon dioxide emissions released from the transport are caused by the combustion of gasoline, 16% by diesel and 15% by the utilization of other fuels.

The activities of Burgas Free Zone are environmentally responsible. The main priority of our work is care for the environment and its components, protection of human health and the conservation of biodiversity. We are committed to developing further expansion of our business only in accordance with the basic principles leading to reducing the environmental pollution.

Our concept of environmental protection is the following:

  • In our daily work we consider the environmental impact in every decision we make, to make each of our employees to think about the environmental effects of each stage of the activity.
  • Ensuring better educational programs for our employees, we reduce the risk of wrong professional solutions that could lead to environmental pollution.
  • Increasing the level of involvement of our employees in our policy and improving their knowledge in the field of environmental protection.
  • Complying with all laws and regulations, including internal company standards for environmental protection.
  • Considering the scale of environmental impacts associated with transportation, handling and storage of cargos and stick to the idea of saving energy in all our activities.

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